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Monster Ring – Dr. Whale

Monster Ring – Dr. Whale

I bought the Ring and Bang recently, ring (Dr. Whale) is on the right of following pictures. Today, I will give you the Ring’s review.

🌟Appearance: First of all, I was so excited when I got this, it’s soooo cute and the color of Dr. Whale gives me a surprise. It looks like a macaron color. Very aesthetic.

🌟Experience: After the first impressions, I needed to try the product. Its charging interface is on the belly of the monster and has waterproofing, same as the other Monster Pub products. I pressed the power button for two seconds, and he can be turned on and off. Compared to other Monster Pub products, the vibrations are totally different!

The vibration of the Ring is more delicate than others. That’s amazing!!! Really want to have a try, right?

🌟Personally, I recommend it to novices, trust me, it’s really a good choose for girls who have a boyfriend. There are a lot of hidden play methods waiting for you to find out.

Trust me, buy one for yourself! How cute are they, why not buy such a cute and funny monster?

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