Wear Monster Pub 2 Outside

Wear Monster Pub 2 Outside

Since I tried wearing the Monster Pub when I was cooking last time, it felt like opening Pandora's box. Today, I will try to wear my Monster Pub outside for more excitement. 

I tried to wear the Monster Pub MiMi outside before, it felt comfortable, so today I choose Monster Pub 2 – Dr. Whale outside.


First, make sure there is enough lubrication. Open the motion control mode in the Monster Pub app. The connection of Monster Pub 2 is more stable than Monster Pub 1 and Monster Pub MiMi. You can put the phone in your pocket.


If your Monster Pub doesn’t have motion control mode, you can choose others’ vibration waves in the Monster Pub App before going outside. If you are brave, you can swipe the phone by yourself to control the vibration waves. Today, I tried motion control mode and dual motor vibration I selected on the Monster Pub App when I went outside. Compared to motion control, dual motor vibration is much stronger. It felt amazing!!! When using dual motor vibration, you can really feel the pleasure of Dr. Whale's tail. It’s super powerful!

When you use it in the middle of the night, you can still hear the vibration sounds.

The last thing I have to say that love heart light is soooo cute!

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