Monster Pub New User Tips

Monster Pub New User Tips

Many new users may not know how to connect the Monster Pub toy to their smartphone. Today, I will explain this part.

First, make sure the Monster Pub you bought is the Excited Version. (Fun Version toys cannot connect to the Monster Pub App).

Next, download the Monster Pub App (Tips, do not restrict permissions)

The operation steps are below:

  • Turn on your phones Bluetooth and GPS
  • Open the App (No need to enter a password, it’s super simple)

After connection, you can choose to play by yourself so that you can create your own vibration waveform.


Also you can choose others vibration waveforms. Click the Vibe page or other users waveforms to play directly. (Waveforms made by different monsters can also be used. You can choose your own suitable waveform according to the waveform intensity).

 Thirdly, you can use the long distance remote control feature. Even couples in Paris and Tokyo can enjoy the fun brought by remote control of the other party. The remote party does not even need to install the Monster Pub App, as long as there is a mobile phone that can connect to the internet. You can turn on a video call or voice call before clicking the link. Please note, the connection of Monster Pub 1 is unstable. If it still cannot be used, I heard that it can be replaced in three months. 

Why does remote control always fail to connect?

 After the inviter sends a link via SNS, don't click the invitation link, back to the Monster Pub App immediately, and wait for the other party to click the link, and then start remote control. The remote control link can only be opened once, and repeated clicks will fail to connect.

Fourth is motion control. This is the new mode of the latest Monster Pub. If you like just buy one for yourself.

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