Deep Experience Report

Deep Experience Report

Top 1: Monster Pub 1 – Mr. Devil

Monster Pub 1 is my first Monster Pub toy. I bought it at the end of 2019. When I got the delivery, I was so nervous. You need to charge Monster Pub toy first. When I used it, the length of tail can easily touch the C spot. When using the remote control feature, the feeling is totally different than playing by yourself. It’s amazing!


Top 2: Monster Pub 2 – Mr. Devil

It’s the second time I bought the Monster Pub toy. Due to the cute Monster Pub toys beating heart and dual motor vibration mode, this time I choose the Monster Pub 2. I tried motion control mode, and when you move, you can feel the vibration. It’s good for people going outside and wearing the toy. The dual motor vibration can vibrate inside and outside.


Top 3: Monster Pub 1 – Master Gokilla

The reason I bought Moster Gokilla is that I was going to another city, but I’m too shy to bring the Monster Pub toy, so I bought another one. The main difference between Master Gokilla and Mr. Devil is that Mr. Devil has horns on his head, while Master Gokilla has a curvy back which is good at rubbing to orgasm. It’s totally different!


 Top 4: Monster Bang

I bought this just because it looks good. However, I didn't expect it to become my recommendation until after using it.


The diameter of Monster Bang is smaller than that of the Monster Pub 1 and Monster Pub 2, and the vibrations are totally different. And Monster Bang has rings, which can stimulate some sensitive spots better. The Monster Bang can easily enter your body, and the temperature control is really cool. You can combine the Monster Ring when using the Monster Bang, for extra fun. Another most important point is that Monster Bang is waterproof. Compared with other plug-in charging holes, the Monster Bang has a fully closed charging port.  

Top 5: Monster Pub MiMi

The remote control swiping of the Monster Pub MiMi is different. When you are swiping the screen on the mobile phone, the cat claw is soooo cute. The Monster Pub's shape is also very cute, a little cute cat. The tail of Monster Pub MiMi is a little bit large, so make sure to lubricate before use.


Top 6: Monster Pub Baby – Dr. Whale

The head of the Monster Pub Baby is quite round. The diameter is not too large so it can easily to enter the body. The tail is a switch and also a motor, which can vibrate inside and outside.


If you’re really boring at home, buy a Monster Pub toy for yourself for fun.


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